Eden Methodist Church

Eden Methodist Church

Eden is not so much a ‘church’ as a group of Christian pioneers who meet at 5pm (ish?) on the second and fourth Sunday to explore life and faith and engage with the Gospel and Christ’s call to his followers to make more disciples. Sharing food afterwards is our usual practice! It's always worth checking where we are meeting; often, especially in the summer we meet out of doors or at an alternative venue of special interest.

Regular Additional Activities

Monday at 11am Mums and Tots meet at Canworthy Water in the old Sunday School.

Some Mondays (always on the first Monday of the Month and through Lent and Advent every Monday) at 7.30pm Group Bible Study, usually at ‘The Swallows’ in Canworthy Water

Alternate Wednesdays at 10.30am the Ladies’ Bible Study Group meets at ‘The Swallows’.

Also on Wednesday afternoons 'Young at Heart Club meets. This group is open to anyone but is a specially good opportunity for those who live alone to get out and meet new friends. Transport can be provided.

Alternate Wednesday evenings the Discipleship Bible Study Group meets at The Manse at 7.00pm.

Every fourth Wednesday morning, when the library van visits Canworthy Water, coffee and biscuits are served in the Sunday School Hall from 10.45am.

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Eden Methodist Church, Cornwall

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Eden Steward
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The Canworthy Water Group

Includes the churches at Maxworthy, Canworthy, Bethel and Eden. All these churches (except Eden) have morning services at 11am, usually in a fairly traditional format, but on the second Sunday in the month we meet together, often with our minister leading. These services are more likely to be a little different in style and format and care is taken to be family friendly. See the circuit plan to find out where the service is held each month as we move around the buildings.

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