Jun 19, 2016   admin

Dear friends,

I’m told that people are really cross with being encouraged to have services together. I have to admit to you that I can see no other way of fulfilling my obligation as a Methodist minister to visit all the churches in the circuit at least once a quarter. The Maths just does not add up. Without change it just cannot be done. If it were not that we have a student Deacon with us for much of the next church year – please do welcome Jenny Parnell as she comes to your churches – we would have been struggling even more.

This morning we made the plan – I would say ‘as usual’ only of course, it was not ‘as usual’. As from mid-July there is only one full time minister available. Bryan’s churches are fortunate to have his ministry – they are able to have communion on a monthly basis. With some churches we found it hard to get anyone who could officiate out to them. It took a lot of juggling preachers around. Without Bryan the circuit would be lost indeed.

However – maybe someone in the Circuit knows a better way forward. Therefore on August 24th I will be ‘at home’ all day for people to come and share their ideas, their worries, their hopes and dreams. Then at 7pm we will meet at Canworthy Chapel to pray for the future. Afterwards, at about 8pm, we will repair to the Sunday School room for drinks and biscuits and cake and a chance to talk together as a group.

If the Methodist Church is to survive in this are beyond the next few years we have to be pro-active right now. We have to be willing to follow Jesus Christ beyond our comfort zones. We have to learn to listen to God and to follow where He leads – all much easier said than done – a real challenge to us all.

May God be with us and bless us all as we travel on together in His service.